When You Need an Accident Attorney Clarksville Counts on the Experts

by | Jan 29, 2014 | Lawyers

It had been a great concert with their favorite country singers. The cost of going had taken a chunk out of the budget, but it had been worth every penny. He put in a cd they had just bought as they were leaving and they were singing along as they headed home.
The car seemed to just come out of nowhere. She screamed as it headed for them and then… nothing. It was two days later when she woke up in the hospital. They said she’d had surgery and would recover, but it would take a while. Then they told her she’d lost their baby. Her husband was in a medically induced coma because of swelling in his brain. It was too much to take in all at once.

This is the highest peer review rating given and is a reflection of the excellence that the firm always strives for. Their work encompasses service to individuals, businesses and governmental entities located in both Tennessee and Kentucky. One of their strongest strengths as a firm is their ability to maintain the relationships that they develop with clients. This can only be achieved by working hard and achieving the best possible outcomes for their clients. Anyone who needs the services of a skilled and experienced Accident Attorney Clarksville can contact the firm at batsonnolan.com.

Her parents came in and told her that the driver of the other car had been arrested for drunk driving. She thought that she should feel something about that, but right then she didn’t care. Then her parents said that she shouldn’t sign anything if an insurance guy showed up later. Instead, they recommended that she talk to a lawyer when she felt up to it. There would be a lot of expenses, no one knew if her husband would ever be able to go back to his job and, worst of all, the child that they had wanted so badly was gone. They needed help and advice from someone with experience in situations like this. It was too much to cope with alone. Batson Nolan PLChas been successfully representing the people of Tennessee since 1860. They are a general services law firm rated ‘AV Preeminent’ by Martindale-Hubbell.

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