You Might Not Need a Bail Bonding Company in Milford, CT If Charges Aren’t Filed

An arrest doesn’t always lead to the need for a bail bonding company in Milford, CT. Someone who is arrested by police might be released without charges. How is it possible that some people avoid being charged with crimes?


If someone is arrested and has access to a lawyer, their attorney might be able to get them out of custody without charges being filed. Naturally, it depends on the nature of the arrest. In most cases, police will move forward with official charges after they have arrested someone. Law enforcement is given a good amount of time before charges have to be officially filed.

Talking to Suspects

To solve crimes, the police sometimes has to talk to suspects to gain information. If a person committed a crime and ended up confessing or giving police more information, they will be charged. If a suspect is arrested and immediately asks for a lawyer, they can’t be questioned. The police might not have enough evidence to move forward with charges or they might feel the case is too weak at the moment.

It Might Not Be Over

Just because a person was arrested and released without the help of a bail bonding company in Milford, CT doesn’t mean that their worries are over. Police might just feel they need to gather more evidence to move forward with a stronger case. When they get that evidence, they will make another arrest and file charges. That’s when a bail company will have to be used.

Having Bail Money

A person who has been arrested and released should have money to pay a company like Aces Bail Bonds Inc. in the event of another arrest and official charges. Understand that people can be arrested weeks, months or years after they are suspected of committing crimes. Anyone who knows that they are under investigation should start saving for bail.

The first call an arrested individual should make is to a lawyer. Quick intervention by a lawyer could mean the difference between release or charges being filed. A lawyer can go over the evidence that police might have on a suspect and fight for the best possible outcome.