Conservatorships and guardianship in Torrance CA

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Conservatorships Torrance, CA located refers to individuals or organizations in Torrance under the legal control of other external organizations, usually referred to as conservators. These conservatorships are created through a regulatory or statutory authority in the case of organization and through a directive from the courts when it concerns an individual. An organization may, after an audit, be deemed unfit to continue operating and may as such be placed under the legal domain of an external company until such a time when the said organization gets its affairs in order and proves itself capable of resuming independent operations. In this instance, an experienced lawyer can assist with conservatorships and guardianship in Torrance, CA.

With regards to an individual, after careful examination usually by a qualified and registered medical physician; the said individual, usually an adult; is deemed to have a mental illness, suicidal tendencies or is incapable of making any sound legal and financial decisions on his behalf; is placed under conservatorship following an order by the court. The individual then becomes known as a conservatee.

In the case of legal assistance with conservatorships, Guardianships Torrance CA resident laws require that if the individual is under the age of sixteen, they be placed in the care of someone else. This would occur if the court establishes that the birth parents are for one reason or another incapable of sufficiently caring for their child. This guardian is instructed by the court to take care of the child or manage his/her estate until they come of age, usually at 18 years. During this time, the child is to be referred to as a ward.

In guardianships, Torrance CA located, the birth parents of the child, if still alive, are permitted to have contact with the child despite them being in the care of someone else. The court reserves the right to restore full custody of the child back to the parents if they prove beyond reasonable doubt that they are able to provide the care previously lacking.

There are two types of guardianships, Torrance CA lawyers can set up:

1. Guardianship of the individual

In this type of guardianship, the guardian has the moral and legal responsibility to care for the child in the same manner that a birth parent would. The guardian has full physical as well as lawful custody of the child and as such is obligated to care for the child as if they were his/her own. This type of guardianship usually comes about to various reasons such as:

· The birth parents are physically incapable of caring for the child or are proven to be of unsound mind.

· Both parents are serving in the armed forces and have been deployed overseas

· The parents have been instructed by the court to attend mandatory rehabilitation for either drug or alcohol related problems

· Both parents have been convicted for a crime and face a jail term

· The parents are reported to physically or emotionally abuse the child

2. Estate Guardianship

This guardianship as directed by the court is designed to take care of a child’s inheritance; usually money or property, until they attain the legal age of 18 years. The parents of the child may have passed away and the court then appoints a close relative of the family to be the estate’s guardian. They must make wise financial decisions on behalf of the child until they are old enough to do it for themselves.

Whichever the case, whether conservatorships Torrance, CA residents use or guardianships Torrance, CA lawyers can assist with; the services of a well-versed attorney are needed.

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