Three Benefits of Mediation with a Personal injury lawyer in Temecula

by | Jun 23, 2020 | Law

Being sued is certainly not on the top of any to-do list. Civil litigation is becoming more common among irate individuals at a fast rate. If you are the involved in a legal dispute, it is important to rely on the advice provided by your personal injury lawyer in Temecula regarding mediation.

Mediation is court mandated and each party involved in a lawsuit must attend. This is an attempt to settle the case outside of the confines of a courtroom environment. Courts are busy and prefer a legal dispute be resolved between the parties involved.

Control of the Outcome

One large benefit to settling a case at mediation with the assistance of your Mediation in Fredericton is to control the outcome of the case. The plaintiff and the defendant maintain control during mediation and have the authority to end the lawsuit. The amount of money or assets agreed to settle the case is solely in the hands of the disputing parties.

On the other hand, if a case proceed to court, a judge or jury will have complete control of the how the lawsuit ends.


No one wants to make a public appearance when it comes to personal matters and this is certainly true of being sued. The mediation is completed in a controlled environment with only the parties involved in the mediation attending. This allows for a much more private atmosphere for the plaintiff and the defendant. The attendance of the personal injury lawyer is important, as well.

If a case proceeds to court to be tried there will be a number of people in attendance and many the disputing parties will not even know. It is likely the plaintiff and defendant will desire to avoid this pubic display.

Reduced Legal Fees

The process of ligation can be expensive and when a case is settled, this will allow for decreased legal fees. The cost of the mediator will be significantly less than the full process of litigation.

Finally, mediation is an ideal time to settle the case. Consider relying on Law to provide legal guidance through this difficult process.

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